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Lilies and roses
are arranged in an impressive floral spray
Oh so beautifully they display –
So splendid is the blend of lilies and roses
What a stunning array of loveliness
What a glorious bouquet

Aroma is airborne
as the fragrance spreads
throughout the space –
We inhale the inviting scents
and ingest the floral qualities
of this majestic bouquet

Off in the distance, heavily breathing
and running at top speed
appears a wildflower –
It is being chased by weeds;
the weeds are gaining -
Wildflower runs faster and faster
towards the bouquet

In anticipation, the roses stretch forth their petals
to welcome the flower that runs wild
The lilies begin to sing -
Huffing and puffing,
wildflower reaches the zone -
It dives into the midst
of the radiant bouquet

Ah!  safe….

The weeds shrink away.

Sandra Renee Hicks
P.O. Box 1210
Washington, DC  20013

Written Monday January 3, 2011
© Copyright 2011 


The kisses of JESUS
are O so tender and
so gentle
with no pretense -
He is the greatest
Lover and Friend -
There is none better than Him

I've been SON kissed
and how glorious it is
to be kissed by the SON

O, the days and nights
that the SON kissed my tears away -
As the wetness ran down my face,
The SON'S kisses rescued me
from the moments
when I was consumed by distress -
O how the SON'S kisses remind me
of how bountifully He cares for us

SON kisses awaken me
to the juices of His
affection, beauty and
His deep passion for

The SON'S love for us is
so intense, pure and potent
The kisses of JESUS are like no other -
To be kissed by the SON 
is to be kissed indeed.

How many are SON kissed with me?!

Scriptures from the King James Bible:

Song of Solomon 1:2
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. 

Psalm 85:10
Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.


Gracious giving Father, in the name of JESUS, may we glory in Your kisses and reciprocate with kisses of our own.  May we daily kiss You with our thoughts, words, and actions.

And thank you, Lord, that we have kissed Satan
good-bye relative to his reign in our lives. 

We made choices to walk with You - thus - because You reign, we reign as Your heirs and joint heirs with Your beloved SON JESUS - the SON KISS for sure!



Drip, Drip, Drip
They are in the well –
They are clamoring to be up out of there.  They collaborated on the best method to use to surface back to the land space.  How did they get down in the well place?

Well, it all started when they ventured onto the land to explore what was there to behold.  It began innocent enough.  They were curious, bored, and void of meaningful ideas.  So they aimlessly wandered about the plains wishing for something to jolt them from their lives of complacency.  Not one of them had a viable plan.  Indeed, they were a motley crew grappling with the vicissitudes of life.

In their self-appointed stupor, they came upon the well.  It beckoned for further exploration.  One by one, they approached quizzically.  One eager soul tripped, and fell into the well.  Oh my!  Could this mean a departure from their typical mundane existence?     

They could not get one out so one by one they jumped in to save one.  Not surprisingly, they all ended up down in the well.  They fretted, and commenced to go into panic mode.  One spoke up and declared that panic was not a friend.  Together they calmed down enough to decide that they were clueless as to how they would endeavor to get up out of there.  Tsk, Tsk - What are they to do?  “I know,” one spoke up, “let’s pray.”  All looked at one, and at one another.  Some were wary – a few questioned – the remnant rest heartily agreed.  Pray they did.

God spoke, and said “Sing freedom songs.”  They sang resoundingly with robust voices.  Song after song they sang until one hushed the group.  Above rustling was heard.  The noise got closer and closer.  Help peered into the well to discover the source of the melodic arrangements.  One by one, they were lifted up from the well to join together in elation that God had answered their prayer. 

One decreed, “One by one, we went down into the well, and one by one, we were lifted up from the well.”   Well, I declare that together we shall seek God for His master plan because we did not get wet to come up dry.  This close encounter taught us to cease to squander our valuable opportunities.  Enough already!  We need refined, and precise goals that generate soul profits (The Acts 17:6 - …These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;).  Lord, please help us to impact with Your anointed excellence.”

One roared, “Let’s do this -----------------------well!” 

© Copyright September 2, 2009 


Days when our cries were as a river
We had our moments
when the river cried us

One great morning
the sobbing river dried up
and now off we journey
on moist soil that is
and oh so abundant in satisfaction.

We crossed the river with its swelling tides
We marched over the bridges
that faithfully held us -
no collapses

Indeed we are
and built to last.

Rear views have doubts and fears
Ahead are vistas captivating in splendor

Wow! this planet juice intoxicates our senses
no looking back
We left it where it belongs –
behind us.


Tuesday August 17, 2010

© Copyright 2010


Heart asks, “Sorrow, what are you doing here?”

“I came to live in you.”

“Oh no you won’t.  You came for a short visit – the operative word being “short.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“No doubt, we will.”

Heart puts on some upbeat music and begins to dance.

Sorrow, in disappointment, watches Heart in rhythm.

Twirling around, Heart smiles at Sorrow.

Sorrow winces.  Sorrow starts to make loud noises to disturb the groove of Heart.

Fingers snapping to the music, Heart tells Sorrow, “You’ll be leaving soon.”

Sorrow struggles to hide the fear.  “I have plans to stay.”

“Your plans will be cancelled.”

“Sorrow states, “I did not get a round trip ticket,” and unconvincingly adds, “Because I am here to stay.”

“It is on you that you got a one way fare from a place of assumption.  I can assure you that your status here is as a visitor.  There is no vacancy here for another resident.  This heart is a gift from my Creator and I will have you out of here in less than an hour.”

“And how do you propose to do that?”

“You didn’t know that I have a happy pump!”


“A happy pump.  I use it to pump happiness deep down in my soul.  It came packaged from my Creator.  The accessories are peace and joy among other prized possessions.  Every now and then, I refuel the pump with paradise juice.  When you came in, I said, “Ok pump, Sorrow is in the building.  Let’s go to work.”  Music went on the notes, dancing followed, twirling ensued – you get the drift?”

Sorrow simmers.  “I’m not leaving.  I am here to break you.”

“Not only are you leaving but you will be leaving mad.  You came to break but failure will be your “reward.”

“Humph,” pouts Sorrow.

Heart dances some more – this time with singing mixed in.  Heart continues to dance to a few more songs.  Soon Heart starts laughing so merrily that tears flow from the joy that bubbles from within. 

Sorrow is too through.  “I did not expect this celebration of life.  I came here to disturb peace and to live permanently.”

“I know what you came to do.  What you did not know is that I was made ready for you.  You came here to break me.  What you got was a break dance, a fox trot, a waltz, an electric slide, and some twirls thrown in for good measure.  Laughter joined in with singing and tears of joy.  Actually, you were the recipient of an impromptu concert compliments from the Heart.  Now you can take your visitor’s pass, and let yourself out while I dance over to play the next song titled, “Sorrow Has Left the Building.”


Friday May 7, 2010
© Copyright 2010  


Thunder claps rage in my soul,
Today Rain came as a rude party crasher

“Who invited you, Rain,” I angrily ask.

“Stormy weather,” Rain boastfully proclaims.

“I do not want you at my party –
Rain, Rain, go away”

Smugly, Rain informs,
“I am here to toast
the dismal atmosphere
that arrived with me.”

I stomp furiously –
“My heart aches
from the rainy tempest
Will you not leave me be?”

Rain roars with wicked “satisfied” laughter.

We argue on
while all around us
my party guests revel in fun –
because it is not raining on them

Why is it that often when it rains,
people don’t share their umbrellas?
Who cares that it is raining on me?

While I pondered my Rain misfortune,
a strong knock came at the door –
I left Rain standing in a puddle
and went to answer the knock.
It was Storm Chaser – we call him Chase.
I was beyond glad to see him

Chase confidently strode in,
surveyed the party scene,
glanced dismissively at Rain,
smiled at me and asked, “May I have this dance?”

I happily nodded
and off we went
to dance to the song,
“Rain Can’t Stay.”

Chased away defeated,
Rain made a hasty exit.

We did not stand Rain
to remain any longer than necessary

When it rains, the party can continue
though brief interludes of rain can bring
renewed appreciation for the Son shine
that is inevitable.

Sandra Thursday July 8, 2010

© Copyright 2010


“What is your name?”


“Why so wilted, Lettuce?”

“Because I am alone –
my ensemble collapsed.”

“What happened?”

“Tomatoes walked out
unhappy with
their portions -
they desired more
in the mix

Cucumbers were afraid
of the drama
so they walked
out on the job

Cheese could not
handle a twosome
just lettuce and cheese –
the cheesy message was
‘Call us if you have more.’

So here I sit
wilted in despair.”

Meanwhile back on the ranch –
here comes Ranch dressing
to dress down the crew -
He pours it on thick

Ranch calls for order
and says to one and to all
“We are a unit,
come together, will ya’ll?!
United, we mix
apart we are tossed
Come on, troopers –
let us be salad.”

There is a meeting
of the flavors -
foolishness is pushed aside
They forge an unbreakable bond
as they all jump in the bowl

“It’s a wrap, folks –
Pardon me while I partake of
the new and improved salad bar.”

Sandra Renee Hicks

Saturday July 17, 2010
© Copyright 2010 


I was in a ghastly dungeon
webbed in by Deceit
in came a sliver of light -
It was truth
that had come to rescue me

The light became a beam
as I followed the source

A battle is about to ensue

In this corner – Deceit
In that corner – Truth revealed

My ringside seat
affords a prime view

Truth pummels Deceit -
Ding goes the bell

Deceit limps to its corner
while Truth strides confidently

Ding again goes the bell

They are at it again

Truth pulverizes Deceit -
Deceit falls in the ring
cold out for the count

Truth triumphs
and grabs me
from the dungeon
and that ghastly web of Deceit

The light is now brilliant
Truth to the rescue -
We depart in victory!


Saturday July 17, 2010 - © Copyright 2010


I'm pregnant -
Pregnant with love
Pregnant with truth
Pregnant with life
Pregnant with power
Pregnant with joy
Pregnant with possibilities
Pregnant with expectations
Pregnant with sure awareness that LIFE is my babies' daddy.

My first trimester was doubtful
The second one was better
This third one is ripe with glory 

I am having triplets - one for love, one for faith, and one for hope.  I'm about ready to pop, to explode, to soar into dimensions of glory from seed that LIFE planted.

They are rolling me in.  Delivery will transpire at any moment.  When I get into the room it is full of more pregnant folks. There is a pregnant pause.  What?!  Some of the pregnant are men. 

“What is this, LIFE?!”

"They are giving birth, too," said LIFE.  LIFE continues, "They are having positive babies, fruitful babies, prosperous babies, new career babies, and babies who will mature to walk up and down in love, faith and hope with confidence and much power.  These are just some of the gifts of LIFE.   

The pregnant women are joyous about their pregnancies, and delightfully amused and expectant about the pregnancies of the men.  There is a pregnant love fest up in here!  This is deep.

Oh my!  I've got to go now. It is time for these babies in me to break through to begin their explosive journeys to turn this world upside down in the awesome name of LIFE.

My fellow preggies wave to me and join hands in prayer.  LIFE IS SO GOOD!

Copyright 2010


My addiction is to the essence of life.
Life fuels me
as I immerse myself
in the splendor
of the gift of breath –
Ah, I breathe in
the injection
of air flavor.
I cannot flatline on this high
that has proven alive

My addiction causes creative juices
to flow as I cook up flavorful recipes
to feed this addiction to the essence of life

My addiction supplies a natural high -
Who needs dealers
when heart grown substances
fully satisfy the cravings?

I ain’t eating no cold turkey
when an eagle is nearby
Eagles fly while turkeys are grounded -
I am going with the bird that
has majesty on its side

I woke up singing because
my addiction would not be denied.
I free based
as the sunshine gave me plenty of light –
based freely
on love from its comforting rays

My addiction propels me
to skip in the streets
Who needs a line of “coke” when –
ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby?!

My addiction jump starts me daily
as I feed its robust hunger -
We indulge abundantly
as we feast succulently
on the essence of life

My addiction and me
have COMPANY for sure…

Organic all the way, baby!
It’s good for the soul.
The heart shouts a hearty “Amen!”

NOTE: For effect, minor improper grammar was used in this poem on purpose.

Thursday July 8, 2010

© Copyright 2010


  1. Thank you Sandra for sharing your wonderful inspirational writing and love of life with me here! I have found your writing very uplifting to read...thank you so much for reaching out to me.

  2. Hi Lisa -

    You are certainly welcome. It was my pleasure, indeed!

  3. Hi Sandra...
    I loved reading "Son Kissed", beautiful, touching, moving, passionate, inspirational!

    I am with you for I too have been kissed by the Son...it is a beautiful thing!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work again!

  4. I've enjoyed reading. I've not been able to read all of them yet, but will. I especially love the Son Kissed poem. :-)